The 2020 Seaside Prize

Seaside Prize Weekend

The communities that make up the Emerald Coast are diverse, reflecting regions that are both rich in heritage, progressive, and forward looking. Along Northwest Florida’s famed Scenic Highway 30A, the story of the Seaside community is exceptional, centering on an uncommon connectedness and the people who gather there. It’s a community strengthened by countless voices who have contributed to the quality and character of the town.

In honor of those contributions, the community celebrates

each year to honor leaders who have contributed to the development of Seaside and who have influenced its advancement. This year’s honoree is Michael N. Lykoudis, Dean of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, for his efforts at enhancing the architectural community while advancing New Urbanism, a harmonious blend of cottages and walkable streets that represent the opposite of the condominium trend. The event attracts visionaries and thought-innovators who seek to make life better through design and function.

The 28th Annual Seaside Prize™ Weekend was held March 6-8, and included keynote speaker Michael Dennis on Friday, an award ceremony and dinner Saturday evening, Seaside tours on Sunday, as well as a series of lectures throughout the weekend. Attendees had options to choose a lectures-only option, a food-only option, or full admission. The Seaside Institute also accepted

for the weekend event and offers continuing education credits as well.

The Seaside Institute was founded in 1982 to promote the building of sustainable places through design and education, using Seaside as a living laboratory. Each year, it honors individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions by challenging existing ideas about diversity, walkability, sustainability, livability, and quality of life. Seaside’s 2019 recipients were Tom Christ, Richard Gibbs, John Massengale, Derrick Smith, and Charles Warren.

First presented in 1993 to Seaside co-town planners Andrés Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, and Vincent Scully, the award has been given to architects, planners, writers, politicians, and the City of Portland. The event began as a small, intimate gathering, and has blossomed into a multi-day event that enlists participation from the entire town as well as from people who were part of the town’s infancy.

“In an era when resilience, beauty, and good stewardship are more important than ever, it is a special honor to be recognized by the Seaside Institute…”

Michael N. Lykoudis

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